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Dear Parent,
At VTech , we know that every year, children are asking to play video games
at younger and younger ages. At the same time, we understand the hesitation
of most parents to expose their children to the inappropriate content of many
popular video games. How can you feel confident in allowing your children
to play these games, and still educate and entertain them in a healthy, ageappropriate manner?
Our solution to this on-going debate is the V.SmileTM TV Learning System
– a unique video game system created especially for children aged 3 to 8.
The V.SmileTM TV Learning System combines a kid-friendly design, age-appropriate curriculum, entertaining graphics, and fun game play into a unique
experience that your child will love and you can support. The V.SmileTM TV
Learning System engages your child with three modes of play: the Learning
Adventure – an exciting exploratory journey in which learning concepts are
seamlessly integrated, the Learning Zone – a series of games designed to focus
on specific school skills in a fun, engaging way, and the Sing Along – a collection of songs for children to sing using the system’s attached microphone. All
of these educational modes offer your child hours of learning fun.
As part of the V.SmileTM TV Learning System, VTech offers a library of
game SmartridgesTM based on popular children’s characters that engage and
encourage your child to play while learning. The library is organized into
three levels of educational play – Early Learners (ages 3-5), Junior Thinkers
(ages 4-6) and Master Minds (ages 6-8) – so that the educational content of
the system grows with your child.
At VTech , we are proud to provide you with a much-needed solution to the
video game dilemma, as well as another innovative way for your child to learn
while having fun. We thank you for trusting VTech with the important job of
helping your child explore a new world of learning!
Your Friends at VTech
To learn more about the V.SmileTM TV Learning System, and other VTech
toys, visit


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