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TOSY AFO Flash Flyer Alien Flying Object (colors vary)


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The Flash Flyer is truly the modern boomerang! The flexible round disc is capable of flying a whopping 40 feet and returning exactly from where it is launched. It is easy to launch and can stay aloft for long periods of time. Makes for a fun game of flying catch. The Alien Flash Flyer can even spin and hang on a ceiling or wall! Challenge your friends to see whose can spin the longest! Plus, it lights up! The Flash Flyer has smart-sensor tenchology that automatically turns on super-bright LED lights when launched, creating a rainbow of color in the dark. TOSY AFO can be considered the most modern boomerang with distinguished features in comparison to conventional boomerangs. Its flexible thin blades are adjustable and allow TOSY AFO to stay aloft for a long time and return exactly from where it was thrown. Replaceable batteries. Ages: 7+ Comes in Red, Blue, or Green




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