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My First Baby Annabell with a Bath


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My First Baby Annabell with a Bath

Do you like taking baths? Little Baby Annabell sure does. She looks forward to her mummy putting her in her pink bathtub and giving her a good wash every day. Once she’s dry, Annabell likes to get into her pajamas and be put to bed. This doll teaches little children how to look after others, develops their imagination, and provides them with lots of entertainment

Key Features of My First Baby Annabell

  • The doll is comes with a pink bathtub
  • Baby Annabell is dressed in pink pyjamas
  • She likes having a bath and dries quickly
  • Suitable for young children
  • Children learn responsibility and empathy

A Doll That Likes Baths and Cuddling

The Baby Annabell doll is so well made that it looks just like a real baby. The doll is waterproof, so don’t worry about giving it a bath. The doll is also suitable for regular play and can be taken to bed. Annabell comes dressed in a purple hat and pink pyjamas with short sleeves and legs, and a picture of a lamb in a bathtub on the front. Annabells bathtub is included in the pack.




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