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Cicciobello BUA


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Here is your sweet Cicciobello Bua … fill it with cuddles and take care of it … because Cicciobello, just like a real baby, needs the love of its mother!

1) Cicciobello cries and has red cheeks … Try his fever with the special thermometer …

2) If he turns red Cicciobello has a fever and needs the sweet care of his mommy!

3) If you give him the pacifier and cradle him tenderly, Cicciobello falls asleep … but he is not cured … you feel that cold!

4) Give him the bottle with milk and honey or try with vitamins and syrup …

5) But if he is still not well … Alas, it takes prick! … and what a scream!

6) Now the bua is gone! Your Cicciobello makes you feel like a real mother because she always needs you!

Cicciobello has a soft personalized onesie with his cute bunny, just like that of real children!

The package includes:
– Cicciobello Bua
– Thermometer
– 3
Baby bottles – Pacifier bunny that shines in the dark
– Stethoscope
– Syringe

  • Recommended age: 3 years +
  • Dimensions: 51 x 22 x 36.5 cm
  • Packaging: windowed
  • Operation: battery operated (3xAA 1.5V not included)
  • Item code: GPZ05639




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